How To Treat A Child Diagnosed With Myopia

Many parents are concerned about the amount of time their child has to wear glasses when diagnosed with myopia. A person with myopia can see clearly up close when looking at a phone and when reading. However, objects and words tend to look fuzzy on a blackboard, when driving and on the television. Read on to find out how to treat your child for myopia.

Get An Eye Exam

If both parents have myopia, then there is a chance that your children will have the same condition. Myopia is not an eye disease, but it is an eye focusing disorder. Some families have a history of nearsightedness and certain eye conditions. For these reasons, your children should get an early eye exam.

It is recommended that children have their first eye examination at 6 months. If a child has vision problems, then you want to catch it in the early stages. Children are more responsive to treatment with early diagnosis.

Consider Prescription Eyeglasses Or Contacts

People with nearsightedness have problems seeing objects at a distance. However, you can improve your child's vision with contacts and prescription eyeglasses. Light rays tend to focus too early in the eye on someone who is nearsighted. For example, light rays focus on the front of your retina instead of directly hitting it.

Contacts and eyeglasses correct this problem by changing the direction of the light rays. This results in light focusing directly on your retina. If your child wears eyeglasses, then he or she will have clear, normal vision while wearing them.

Is Lasik Eye Surgery An Option?

Myopia usually occurs when the eyeball is too long or when the cornea has excessive curvature. Lasik is a form of refractive surgery that repairs common vision problems. It uses a laser to correct nearsightedness. The surgery works by removing tissues from the inner layers of your cornea.

A flap is made in the corner of your cornea using a laser. Your surgeon folds back this flap to remove the tissue from your cornea. A laser allows your surgeon to remove the right amount of tissue necessary for reshaping your cornea. However, your doctor has to examine your eyes to determine if you are a candidate for this surgery.

There is not a set age for Lasik eye surgery. However, many doctors will not perform the surgery on patients under the age of 18. Children's eyesight continues to change up to early adulthood. This surgery has been performed on children with severe vision problems.

Myopia usually does not affect a child's ability to do well in school. However, it is not a condition you want to go undetected. If so, nearsightedness can affect your child's health and academic performance.