Birth Control Options That Won't Affect Surgery

When planning to get surgery, whether elective or necessary, you will need to begin planning in the weeks or months prior to the operation. One of the suggestions that your surgeon may give is that you not take any hormonal birth control. This could cause complications with the surgery or possibly interfere with some of the medication that you will be prescribed during your healing. If you will need to go off your regular birth control for your surgery, here are some options you should discuss with your OBGYN. [Read More]

3 Things To Consider about Portable Ultrasound Machines

No matter what type of medicine you practice, whether it's for humans or animals, there is a good chance that an ultrasound machine will come in handy. These machines are essential for diagnosing and providing treatment for a variety of medical conditions. Of course, they are also used to monitor pregnancy as well. While there are plenty of in-office ultrasound machines to choose from, there are also options for those who need more mobility. [Read More]

Treating Root Fractures

Although your teeth are extremely durable, trauma can result in serious damage. Root fractures are among the most severe type of damage that a tooth can sustain. These fractures compromise your ability to chew properly, and can lead to serious oral  health problems if not addressed immediately. Learning more about root fractures will help you better manage your oral health in the future. What is a root fracture? A root fracture is essentially a crack that forms in the surface of your tooth. [Read More]

Make Your Meditation A Success: How To Keep That Pain Away

Mindful meditation has become a darling of the pain-management set. This simple meditation, done daily, has been shown repeatedly to help people control chronic pain. For many, the pain goes away completely, and even those with severe pain can experience substantial benefits. Learning the meditation is easy, though you would benefit greatly from taking a class, and once you know how to do it, you can meditate anywhere. You Have to Keep Doing It, but You'll Want To [Read More]