Natural Methods For Improving Circulation

When your hands begin feeling tingly and numb, or your foot falls asleep for seemingly no reason, poor circulation might be an issue. Ideally, your body should be able to pump blood from your heart, through your torso and all of your extremities evenly. Unfortunately, poor lifestyle changes lead to circulation issues just as often as poor circulation may be the symptom of an undiagnosed medical problem. Try some natural options for treating poor circulation, such as keeping your feet elevated while you sit, wearing different compression garments, and taking vitamins that can improve blood flow.

Increasing Activity Levels

Circulation issues might be plaguing you because you aren't moving around enough. People aren't meant to sit or lie around all day, so if your feet have been feeling heavy lately you should include daily exercise in your repertoire. In situations where you won't have much room to exercise, such as at work, you can use compression garments to prevent your feet from swelling up with fluid and your hands from going cold and numb. Just try to enjoy physically rigorous activities when you're free from the daily grind to improve blood flow and circulation.

Vitamins and Circulation

Just like calcium is good for keeping bones strong, there are many varieties of B vitamins that are crucial for treating poor circulation. Take niacin to keep feet and lower leg swelling to a minimum while also keeping your heart rate steady. Vitamin B6 keeps your metabolism healthy so your circulatory system stays better regulated. To maintain the right balance of red and white blood cells, take a B12 supplement.

Wearing Compression Garments

In addition to moving around throughout the day and taking more B complex vitamins, you should be wearing compression garments to aid poor circulation. Compression garments work by keeping pressure on parts of the body that aren't getting enough blood. So whether you remain standing, sitting, or lying down, your limbs will be less prone to losing circulation. These garments can also be helpful while exercising, as they are beneficial in cutting down on impaired circulation-related pain.

Elevating Your Limbs

It is easier for the heart to pump blood in a downward motion than an upward, so start elevating your feel when you're experience poor circulation symptoms. People with edema, pregnant women, and diabetics are routinely instructed to keep their feet propped up when they experience foot swelling. Keep your body in a prone position and raise your legs up above your hips to naturally improve circulation.