3 Ways To Reduce The Effects Of Athlete's Foot At Home

Athlete's foot, which is caused by a fungus that infects your skin, usually between your toes, can be really irritating. It can cause you to either itch or experience a burning sensation on your feet, and for some people it can get even more painful, with the development of either blisters or ulcers. You can fight back against athlete's foot at home using a variety of different methods.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Probably one of the most well-known ways to fight back against athlete's foot is with hydrogen peroxide. With hydrogen peroxide, you just need to take a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and pour a little bit of the hydrogen peroxide directly over the infected area of your foot.

When you pour the hydrogen peroxide over the infected area of your foot, you are going to feel a little stinging. You will also see the hydrogen peroxide create little bubbles on your feet; this is a good thing, it means that the hydrogen peroxide is actively killing off the fungus.

If you decide to use this home treatment method, you should repeat it twice a day until all the signs of the infection and discomfort disappear.


You may not have the best smelling feet around, but you can get some itch-free feet by using garlic. Garlic is a powerful substance that can be used both internally and externally. For this application, you are going to use the garlic externally. You are going to want to take around five cloves of garlic, peel them, and crush them up. Using a garlic crusher is the easiest way to get the garlic ready.

Then you are going to take the crunched-up garlic and rub it all over your feet where the infection is located. You will want to repeat this process at least twice a day until the infection subsides. Your feet may be stinky, but they will feel better.

Talcum Powder

After you use a treatment like hydrogen peroxide or garlic, you are going to want to follow up with some talcum powder. You can also use baby powder or even corn starch to get the same results. The purpose behind using some sort of powder is that it dries out your feet, and keeps the moisture that can build up on your toes under control. This helps make the environment between your toes less appealing for fungus to grow.

Put the powder on your feet, and in between your toes, before you put on socks. This will help keep your feet dry and help keep the fungus at bay while the other at-home and medical treatments you use work their course on the fungus. For more information on treatment options, visit sites like http://familyfootanklephysicians.com/.