3 Key Parts Of Your Annual Wellness Exam

Whether to appease your insurance carrier or for your own health and wellness, a physical exam each year can be incredibly beneficial. Of course, you may not realize what parts of your annual wellness exam are most important. With this guide, you will learn a few key areas you and your doctor should focus on during the physical. Screenings Your wellness exam will involve more than just taking height, weight, and blood pressure measurements – it should also involve screenings for different diseases and conditions that can affect your health and wellness. [Read More]

Don't Make These Mistakes With An IUD

Many of the older birth control methods have a failure rate that can be as high as 5%. If you are looking for a birth control method that as a 99% success rate, one of your best options is an IUD. But even though an IUD has a very high success rate, there are some mistakes you can make while using this method. Not Replacing the IUD IUDs can last for a very long time, with some lasting as long as 12 years. [Read More]

What To Expect After Rotator Cuff Surgery

If you have a torn or damaged rotator cuff, the best solution is usually to undergo surgery to have the tissues repaired. The postoperative period can be a bit challenging, but once you are healed, you will be able to use your shoulder effectively again, with little to no pain or stiffness. Here are a few questions people often have during that postoperative recovery period. How long do you need to take off from work? [Read More]

What Should You Know About Kidney Stone Removal Surgery?

If you've recently discovered—the hard way—that you have a large kidney stone (or stones), you may be wondering about your treatment options. Many small stones will go away on their own without treatment, but stones that are too large (or risky) to pass will require some further intervention. There are several treatment options available, and the right choice for you will depend on your overall health, the size of your kidney stones, and the amount of discomfort you're experiencing. [Read More]