Marketing Ideas for Your Cannabis Dispensary

The cannabis industry is continually growing and expanding. This is great for cannabis users, and also for those who own and operate dispensaries. As cannabis becomes more normalized, you will increase your customer base. However, with more dispensaries opening, competition is increasing. Therefore, you may want to employ some of the following marketing ideas in order to encourage customers to choose you over the competition.

Offer Creative Holiday Specials

Whenever a holiday is approaching, create a plan to offer some creative specials. For New Year's, for example, you could give a 10% discount to any customer who allows you to share their resolution on your social media. This brings customers in, and it also gives you some fun, creative content to post on your social media pages, which will only draw more attention to your dispensary. For 4/20—the classic cannabis holiday—you could offer $4.20 off every order, or a 4.20% discount on every order. 

Host Contests

Hosting small contests is a great way to bring new customers into your store and get them excited about your product. Make sure these are contests consist of fun activities that people can participate in while using cannabis. For example, you could hold a "stoned artwork" competition. Have customers submit their best drawing or painting that they created while under the influence. You could give the winner a free product, or a generous coupon for 50% off one order. 

Stock Unique Products

Of course, you need to carry plenty of the basics — flower, vape cartridges, and infused gummies. However, you should also look into stocking some more unique products. Cannabis bubble bath, cannabis sodas, and cannabis bubble gum are fun things to stock. Since many dispensaries don't go out of their way to stock these unique products, you might just attract some fun-loving, new customers with this method.

Sponsor Events

Look for 5k races, fundraisers, and other public events in your area. Reach out to the organizers of these events and ask if you can sponsor them. Often, in return for a small sponsorship, they will put the name of your store on their shirts, mugs, and other promotional materials, which is a great way to spread the word about your dispensary.

Competition is growing in the cannabis dispensary world, but there are plenty of things you can do to help draw customers in. Start with one or more of the ideas above.