Here Are Some Services Your Pharmacy Should Be Able To Offer

Are you looking for a new pharmacy to work with? There are lots of national chains and locally owned options to choose from, which can make the process of deciding where to go confusing. Knowing what to look for when comparing your options should make the process easier. Here are a few services to look for when choosing a pharmacy to work with:

Helpline Support

One important service your pharmacy should be able to offer is helpline support. When you want to learn more about a new drug your doctor has prescribed you, you should be able to call the helpline and have your questions immediately addressed. If you are not sure what kind of medication to take for a cold, you should be able to get expert advice by calling the helpline. Having access to a helpline can help you avoid visits to the pharmacy and save you some time during your week.

Online Account Management

Another thing your pharmacy should offer is online account management services. Instead of having to drive to the pharmacy to fill a regular prescription, you should be able to do so within your online account and then simply pick the prescription up when you are alerted that it is ready. You should be able to change your personal information, such as your address or phone number, online too. You may even be able to use your account portal to schedule mail delivery of some prescriptions and medications.

Specialty Medication Offerings

Some rare ailments and illnesses require the support of a specialty medication to treat, which are not always readily available at the pharmacy. Not only should your pharmacy be able to source the specialty medications you need, but they should be able and willing to source the lowest-priced options to help save you some money. Your pharmacy should be ready to advise you about possible side effects and answer any questions you have about things like dosage.

Prescription Reminders

It can be tough to remember when a prescription needs to be filled, especially if you are already dealing with a busy work week or home life. Therefore, you should be able to set up a prescription schedule with your pharmacy so that the pharmacy can remind you when it is time to refill a prescription throughout the year. Then, all you will have to do is a check-in with the pharmacy to start the refill process. Prescription reminders can give you added peace of mind and help to keep you healthy as time goes on.

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