Four Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Pet Boarding Service

Your dog is a valued member of your family, and it's important to make sure that the pet boarding service you choose provides the right level of care for your pet. Before you make arrangements with a pet boarding service, consider interviewing several different services to find the right one for your furry friend. Here are some questions to ask as you narrow down your options.

How Much Kennel Time Is There?

One of the benefits of using a pet boarding service is that your dog gets time to play and exercise when you are away. You'll want to know that your dog isn't going to spend extended periods of time in a crate or kennel, so be sure to ask how much kennel time there will be every day. The pet boarding services should be able to give you a schedule for your dog's daytime activities, which you can use to determine if your pet will get the right amount of exercise and socialization.

What Are The Rules For Feeding?

Some boarding services feed all dogs the same food, while others allow you to bring in your dog's regular food. Consistency in your dog's diet is important, particularly if there is a history of stomach or digestive problems. Be sure that the boarding service will be able to serve the food you provide. You'll also want to make sure that your dog's daily feeding schedule is adhered to while you are away, and that includes any treats you might want your dog to have between meals.

Is There Access To Veterinary Care?

It's important to know that your pet boarding service will be able to respond to any medical emergencies your dog might experience while you are away. Ask if there is a veterinarian on staff, and ask to speak to him or her when you visit. If there is no vet on staff, ask which local vet clinic the boarding service uses. This can help you to feel more confident that your pet will get the necessary care in the event of an illness or injury.

How Are Dogs Socialized?

Having the option of letting your dog play with some of the other dogs at the boarding facility can be a great way to ensure your dog enjoys this little mini vacation. However, you'll want to know how the boarding service groups the dogs that will play together. If you have a toy or small breed, you may not feel comfortable letting your pet play with large breeds. Ask if you can limit your dog's play activities to a certain group of breeds or sizes to help you feel more comfortable.

Once you have the answers you need, consider taking your dog to visit before the boarding appointment. This may make it easier for your dog to transition when it's time to be boarded. For more information, contact a business like All Pets Hospital Ltd.