4 Things To Know About IV Therapy

If you're interested in utilizing a fast treatment option to increase your vitamin and mineral levels or boost your hydration, IV infusions are a terrific alternative. Here's what you need to know about IV therapy and how it can assist with your health and wellness goals.  1. IV Therapy Offers Fast Results One reason IV therapy is a popular option is the fast results experienced after an infusion. An IV administers the contents of your infusion directly to your bloodstream and completely bypasses your digestive tract. [Read More]

Chigger Bites And How To Treat Them

Individuals who live in the southern United States likely experience chigger bites on a regular basis. Still, this arachnid may be an unpleasant novelty for those in other parts of the country. If you'll be traveling to an area where chiggers are more common, educating yourself about these mites, where they are found, and how to treat the bites if they happen is essential.  What are Chiggers? Chiggers are the juvenile form of a mite known as " [Read More]

4 Benefits You Might Get From Fall Prevention Therapy For Seniors

Falls are a major concern for seniors, and the older you get, the greater the risk of falling and the worse the consequences can be. Falls are common among seniors for a number of reasons. Poor eyesight, medications, muscle loss, sedentary lifestyles, and loss of balance increase the risk of falling. It's important to keep your home a trip-free zone and to use assistive devices when you walk if you need them. [Read More]

Using Minimally Invasive Surgery To Correct Your Spine Deformity

It is a common issue for individuals to suffer from spine deformities that can have major impacts on their quality of life. For these patients, it can be necessary to learn more about their options for correcting their spinal deformities. Spine Deformities May Not Always Be Due To Developmental Issues There are some individuals that will assume that a spine deformity is an issue that a person will have to be born with. [Read More]