Pursuing A Career As An EMR Scribe: 3 Signs This Is The Career For You

Are you interested in the health care industry but don't have the time or money to spend on medical school? Are you looking for a remote position where you can still make a difference in the medical setting? Well, the medical scribe field might be just the job you're looking for! Here are just a few reasons why looking into an electronic medical record (EMR) scribe career might be just for you! [Read More]

3 Major Causes Of Hearing Loss

Did you know that almost 15% of U.S. adults have some type of hearing loss? That's a surprisingly high number, and it underscores the importance of understanding the causes of hearing loss. This post explores three major causes of hearing loss. Exposure to Loud Noises One of the most common causes of hearing loss is exposure to loud noises. This can be from a one-time event, such as a firecracker going off next to your ear, or from chronic exposure to loud noises over time. [Read More]

Natural Ways To Help Your Mood If You Have Depression

If you suffer from depression, there are several natural ways to help boost your mood. Incorporate some of these into your daily routine, and you may soon find yourself feeling a little bit better. Follow a Routine Depression can make you not want to do anything, but lazing around isn't helpful and can worsen the condition. Resist giving into the inclination to stay in bed or on the couch, and force yourself to follow a routine. [Read More]

Cholelithiasis: What to Expect at Your Doctor Office Visit

Cholelithiasis, also known as gallstones, is a common disorder that may cause severe symptoms; however, in many cases, it is asymptomatic. Risk factors for cholelithiasis include pregnancy, obesity, family history, and fast weight loss. The symptoms of cholelithiasis can be similar to other health conditions and because of this, a comprehensive physical examination is necessary to confirm the diagnosis. Here are some things you can expect from your cholelithiasis medical workup at your next doctor's office visit. [Read More]