Been Diagnosed With Kidney Cancer? Steps To Improve Your Treatment

If you've been diagnosed with kidney cancer, it's time to focus on your health. A lot can go through your mind when you're diagnosed with cancer. With the right care, you can recover from kidney cancer. You do need to take the right steps though. Read the list below. Here are three steps to take now if you're battling kidney cancer. 

Choose the Right Treatment

If you need to start treatment for kidney cancer, it's time to talk to your doctor about your options. There are several types of treatment available for kidney cancer. A doctor can help you choose the treatment options that are right for you. 

Active Monitoring

If you have other health concerns, your doctor might not want to start active treatment right away. If that's the case, your doctor might recommend active monitoring. With active monitoring, doctors use blood and urine tests to track the growth of the kidney tumor. If the tumor doesn't grow, the doctor can delay treatment. If the kidney does show signs of growth, advanced treatments can start. 

Surgical Removal

If your tumor hasn't grown beyond your kidney, the doctor might recommend surgical removal. Surgical removal is beneficial for small tumors that haven't moved outside the kidney. Your doctor can choose between open removal surgery and minimally-invasive surgery. With minimally-invasive surgery, there's less recuperation time and less pain.

Energy Ablation

If you're at high risk for surgical complications, your doctor can recommend non-surgical treatments for your kidney cancer. These treatments include cryoablation and radiofrequency ablation. Ablation therapy is especially beneficial for people with small kidney tumors. 

Make Lifestyle Changes

If you're scheduled for treatment for kidney cancer, it's time to make some lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes can improve your chances of recovery from kidney cancer. If you smoke, talk to your doctor about a smoking cessation program. Smoking is linked to kidney cancer. It's also a good idea to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. These changes can help you during your treatment for kidney cancer. 

Protect Emotional Health

If you've been diagnosed with kidney cancer, don't forget about your emotional well-being. A cancer diagnosis can affect your emotional well-being. Once you're diagnosed with kidney cancer, you might experience anxiety, depression, and emotional distress. Unfortunately, emotional problems can interfere with your cancer treatment. That's where counseling becomes beneficial. Now that you're starting treatment for kidney cancer, add counseling to your treatment plan.

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