Mistakes To Avoid After Getting Facial Botox

From temporarily reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to helping end chronic blinking, there are several ways you can benefit from facial Botox. The Botox injections take only a few minutes to complete, and you will feel minimal discomfort. After your appointment, it is important to care for yourself properly to prevent complications. Here are a few post-facial Botox mistakes you need to avoid making.

Using the Wrong Facial Products

Avoid any procedures that involve rubbing your face for several hours after receiving Botox injections. For example, do not use a jade roller to apply a serum or do not receive a professional facial. Rigorous rubbing or massage of the face can cause the Botox treatment to be ineffective and, in the worst cases, might actually lead to more pronounced fine lines and wrinkles.

Instead, avoid touching your face for the first few hours after the injections. Additionally, to avoid further irritation of the injection sites, stay out of the sun and do not wear makeup for the first day after the injections. This will help ensure that there is no hyperpigmentation at the injection sites and that the injections heal more quickly.

Strenuous Exercise

Stay out of the gym and avoid doing anything too strenuous for the first few hours after receiving Botox injections. When you perform any strenuous exercises or even take on too much around the house, it will increase the blood flow throughout the body. This can cause the Botox to actually spread throughout your face, which will lessen the effectiveness of the treatment.

Instead, wait until the doctor gives you the okay to begin exercising again.

Consuming Alcohol or Certain Medications

Because Botox is injected into the skin, and there is a danger of bleeding at the injection site after the procedure, it is important to avoid drinking alcohol and to ask your doctor about discontinuing certain medications, such as aspirin and prescription blood thinners. Both alcohol and these medications can hinder healing at the injection sites.

Ignoring The Signs of a Potential Problem

Finally, always make sure to watch for signs of a potential problem after your Botox injections. For example, if you notice any increased swelling, difficulty swallowing or speaking, a rash or wheezing, or blurred vision, contact your doctor right away. These are all the signs of a potential adverse reaction to the injections, and you may need to be seen by a physician right away for treatment.

From ignoring the warning signs of a potential problem to returning to the gym too quickly, there are several Botox aftercare mistakes you need to avoid. 

For more information, contact a local provider who offers facial Botox