Natural Ways To Help Your Mood If You Have Depression

If you suffer from depression, there are several natural ways to help boost your mood. Incorporate some of these into your daily routine, and you may soon find yourself feeling a little bit better.

Follow a Routine

Depression can make you not want to do anything, but lazing around isn't helpful and can worsen the condition. Resist giving into the inclination to stay in bed or on the couch, and force yourself to follow a routine. 

Following a routine will ensure that you're up and about each day, and it'll keep you from wallowing indefinitely. A routine that has some subtle change each day can also keep the days from blending together.

If you're really having trouble setting and following a routine, make regular plans with other people. They'll encourage you to follow through on the engagements that you schedule.

Exercise Regularly

Incorporating exercise into your routine can give you a temporary endorphin boost. Endorphins are released after working out, and they generally make you feel good. Even if the effect is temporary, this will provide you a slight boost each day that you're active.

Exercising doesn't have to require running a marathon or spending hours in the gym. Do enough to elevate your heart rate a little, and you should enjoy an endorphin boost.

Avoid Substances

Alcohol and illicit drugs don't help depression, and can make it worse. Excessive use of some substances may even lead to depression.

Avoid alcohol and illicit drugs if you're not feeling yourself, and especially if you feel worse after consuming them. Of course, this doesn't apply to prescribed medications -- make sure you're taking those since a medical provider believes they'll help you in some way.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy won't magically fix depression, but regularly having protein, vegetables and fruits will give your body the nutrients it needs. When you have a well-functioning body, you can better focus on how you're mentally feeling.

Get Sufficient Sleep

While wallowing isn't helpful, getting the proper amount of shut-eye is. Sleeping enough will also ensure that your body has what it needs to function well -- namely rest.

If you struggle to sleep enough, several tactics can help with the issue. Try to set a regular time when you go to bed, and don't watch a screen immediately before that time. Make your room dark with blackout curtains as well, and consider playing a relaxing soundtrack as you lay down.