Caring For Your Medical Scrubs When Cleaning Them

For individuals that work in medical settings, scrubs can be an important part of their work attire. As with other uniforms and work clothing, scrubs can sustain a lot of wear that will require them to be replaced eventually. Luckily, there are several options available to help you with reducing the amount of wear that the scrubs sustain. This is particularly true when it comes to scrubs due to the need to clean them after each shift in order to keep them sanitary.

Use Cold Water When Washing The Scrubs

When you are washing your scrubs, you will need to use cold water. The use of hot water is often thought to be more effective at removing stains, but it will substantially increase the wear that the fabric sustains as a result of the warping and degrading effect that intense heat can have on the fabric. By opting to clean the scrubs with cold water, you will be able to ensure that they get the cleaning that they need while also substantially reducing the wear that washing will have on the fabrics that are used in your scrubs.

Turn The Scrubs Inside Out For Each Wash

Many individuals will enjoy wearing scrubs that have cute or colorful designs on them. In fact, pediatric clinics will often require these scrubs as they can help to put nervous children at ease. Unfortunately, these patterns can start to fade as a result of the frequent washing that the scrubs will experience. One way to reduce the wear that these patterns experience can be to simply turn the scrubs inside out when they are being cleaned. This simple step will reduce the amount of friction that these fabrics will experience during the washing process, which can help to keep them looking their best for as long as possible.

Use Sanitizing Solutions Designed For Use On Scrubs

The cleaning solutions that you use on your scrubs will be another important factor to consider. Over the course of a shift, it can be possible for the scrubs to accumulate a fairly large amount of bacteria and other substances that will have to be neutralized. While bleach is often an effective cleaning solution, it can be extremely harsh on fabrics and can cause scrubs to start to wear out far more quickly. Luckily, there are cleaning solutions that are designed for use on scrubs that will be able to eliminate the bacteria and other germs on the scrubs while also being gentle enough to avoid causing excessive wear to the fabric.