5 Reasons To Have Laser Eye Surgery

During laser eye surgery, eye surgeons use a special laser to change the shape of the eye and correct vision problems, such as nearsightedness and astigmatism. While some side effects, such as dry eyes, are common after the procedure, more serious complications that result in loss of vision are rare.

Here are some of the many reasons why people consider getting laser eye surgery.

1. They Need More Correction

While glasses and contacts have been a wonderful medical advancement, they don't work for everyone. If your vision problems are severe, you may not be able to achieve the level of correction you're looking for without eye surgery, which is the only way you can physically alter the curvature of the eye.

2. They Forget to Take Their Contact Lenses Out

Many contact lenses have been developed so that they can barely be felt on the eye's surface and even make the wearer forget they're wearing anything at all. While this can help people focus on their daily activities, at night they may forget to remove their contact lenses before bed. Or, if they wear glasses, they could end up breaking them in the night. By getting laser eye surgery, people can forgo contact lenses and glasses and save time and money.

3. They Could Be Avid Swimmers

If you're dealing with chlorinated water, you have to be careful wearing contacts or you could end up with an eye infection. If they're removed, however, it could be hard to focus on swimming when all you can see in front of you is a blur. 

4. Contact Sports

You don't need to be a professional athlete to benefit from eye surgery. If you find that you're playing hockey or football regularly, glasses pose a danger if they break, and contacts can lead to dry eyes and irritation if dirt or sweat makes it underneath the lenses. 

5. Cosmetics

For some, they may feel less confident when wearing glasses if they don't feel that they look like themselves, and they may find inserting contacts uncomfortable or intimidating. Eye surgery can help them to feel ready to face the world without having to struggle with putting in contacts every day. 

Consult with your eye surgeon to decide if eye surgery would be a good option for you. Consider the convenience, the safety, and the potential for improved vision that could come from choosing surgery over contacts or glasses.