Experiencing Excruciating Sciatic Nerve Pain? Find Out What You Can Do to Ease the Pain

Do you live each day of your life suffering from pain that is associated with the sciatic nerve? The condition you have may be what is known as sciatica and occurs when there is a lot of pressure put on the sciatic nerve, which starts at the lower part of the back and works its way down. As a result, you could experience a sharp and uncomfortable shooting pain that makes it hard for you to walk, sit comfortably, or even get rest in your bed. If you are not sure how to cope and relieve some of this pain, different treatment techniques are available.

Getting Relief at Home

While it may currently seem impossible because of all the pain you are feeling, there are certain techniques that could help you get some relief at home. Taking traditional pain-relieving medication that is sold at the pharmacy may help to reduce some of the pain. If you are going to take pain medication, always follow the instructions on the packaging to ensure that you are not taking too much medication at once.

Some people find relief by applying a heating pad to the area of the body that is experiencing the most pain. If you have a heating pad at home, you should start using it as soon as you start to experience sciatic nerve pain. Sitting or laying in a bed with a heating pad on your lower back and leg for at least thirty minutes could bring you a lot of relief. You may even want to try doing different stretches when you get up in the morning to avoid some of this pain later in the day.

Seeing a Physical Therapist

If the things you are doing at home are not as effective and you are hoping to get more relief, you visit a physical therapist's office like Town Center Orthopaedic Associates, P.C. During physical therapy sessions, you may learn how to do different stretches and exercises that reduce some of your discomfort. The physical therapist may use a combination of stretches, massage techniques, and light exercises to help you improve your condition. You would not have to do any exercises that are too strenuous. The purpose of physical therapy is to help relieve pain via natural techniques while improving your range of motion.

Living with sciatic nerve pain may be difficult for you. The pain you are feeling might be sharp and sudden, coming out of nowhere and making it hard for you to stand up or sit down comfortably. Taking pain relievers from the pharmacy, using a heating pad, doing different stretches, and working with a physical therapist are a few of the different ways you can work on getting relief.