Autism Health: Can't Cure It, But Can You Make It Better?

There is a wealth of information going around about autism since it has gained monumental steam as a major developmental diagnosis in the last decade. Everyone knows that there is no cure, but some parents want something to help with some of the symptoms their children with autism experience. Is it possible to make autism "better," even though you cannot cure it? That all depends on the functional level of your child and what you are trying to make better. Here are some autism supplements touted as helpful, but keep in mind that you either need to be very observant of your autistic child, or you need your child to be verbal to tell you if the supplements are working.

Melatonin Gummies

Children with autism frequently suffer from insomnia. No one knows quite why this is, but sometimes ADHD is comorbid with autism. If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD on top of autism, or he/she does not have ADHD but does have insomnia, you need melatonin gummes to help your child sleep. (If your child does not sleep, neither do you!) Most of these gummy supplements are tasty, sweet, and easy to chew, making it very easy to administer the gummies to your child. Start with the recommended dose on the bottle to see how your child reacts to the melatonin.

Non-Fishy Fish Oil Capsules

It is understood that children with autism generally have problems with processing the spoken and written word. They cannot focus on the speaker because of their natural tendency to avoid eye contact, which also makes it difficult to determine if they do or do not have ADHD along with the autism. Adding the non-fishy fish oil capsules not only helps fix some of the issues with focus, but it also helps with brain development when your child is still very young.

Chamomile and Lavender

There are capsules and teas with chamomile and lavender in them too. These two natural and completely edible flowering herbs are naturally relaxing to everyone, including children with autism. If you can get your child to drink the tea, it will help calm his/her nerves and reduce anxiety. When given just before bed, the drink will help put your child to sleep. You can buy chamomile and lavender supplements as well. These pills need time to work and to be digested by the body, so they should be given at least a half hour prior to bed.