3 Important Recovery Tips For Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Aging is a natural, beautiful process, but it can affect your physical appearance. This is particularly true with your eyelids, which may warrant cosmetic eyelid surgery. This surgery is rather extensive, and in order to make a full recovery, you need to keep these tips in mind.

Monitor Your Activity

Like most surgical procedures, you need to monitor the type of activity you engage in after cosmetic eyelid surgery. During this time, you'll experience discomfort. Doing anything physically strenuous will cause even more discomfort and could actually impede your surgery's success.

There are some particular tasks you need to avoid since this surgery temporarily leaves you with blurred vision. Some of these include intensive reading, sports, lifting weights, and driving. If you can, remain bedridden for a couple of days. Once your eyelids aren't as sore, you can gradually start doing more throughout the day.

Sleep Correctly 

After your eyelid surgery, even the simple act of sleeping can be somewhat challenging. The slightest eye twitch could result in aches and pains you probably have never felt before. That doesn't mean you can't sleep soundly, though. You simply need to observe certain protocol.

Make sure that you keep your head elevated before laying down, as this will help promote blood flow and reduce swelling. This may require setting multiple pillows on top of each other or purchasing a pillow specifically designed to keep your head up above your body. It's also a good idea to wear an eye mask so that you can give your eyelids extra protection.

Follow Up with Your Surgeon 

No matter how great your recovery seems to be going, you should always follow up and see your surgeon periodically after surgery. They'll inspect your eyelids -- making sure they're recovering properly. 

During these visits, your surgeon can address problems that may be causing you discomfort. For example, your eyelids may be extremely dry. In this instance, the surgeon can prescribe eye drops that keep the entire area around your eyes moisturized and soothed. These visits also help the surgeon pinpoint more severe complications, such as tearing, before they have time to do irreversible damage.

Going under the knife to improve the appearance of your eyelids may seem frightening -- especially if you've never had surgery before. You can ease some of your stress and make this process go smoothly if you take the right recovery steps, immediately after surgery. To learn more, contact a company like Center For Oral & Facial Surgery of Memphis PLLC