How To Enjoy The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana Without Getting High

Medical marijuana can benefit people in a wide variety of ways, ranging from pain problems to poor appetite and even going so far as neutralizing seizures. However, some people are wary of medical marijuana because they're afraid of getting high. If you're wondering if medical marijuana can benefit you without making you high, read on to learn how you can bypass having a high ruin your day or productivity.

Save THC for Nighttime

Two main chemical components make up marijuana: CBD and THC. THC is the main component of marijuana that's notorious for its psychoactive effects. As a result, it's a good idea to limit the amount of THC that you consume during the day.

While THC can make you feel drowsy or even high, it's actually beneficial to take it at night. THC is often prescribed to help people who are having difficulty sleeping. If you've been told that THC in particular can benefit your health condition, save high-THC marijuana products for after you climb into bed so they don't make you feel high or drowsy during the day.

CBD for Daytime

CBD, the other chemical component in marijuana, offers many benefits itself. The main reason medical marijuana users love it, however, is the fact that it's completely devoid of any kind of psychoactive effect.

Keep in mind that most marijuana contains both CBD and THC, so you will need to work with your local medical marijuana shop to ensure that what you buy contains only CBD. Thankfully, with the concerns the medical marijuana community has regarding not getting high while still seeking relief, many products are now refined to only contain CBD or CBD and microscopic quantities of THC that shouldn't get you high.


Lastly, keep in mind that the strain you choose when you're trying medical marijuana can make a big difference in whether you get "high". The two main strains are sativa and indica. Indica is known for its ability to make people feel sleepy, drowsy, and lazy, which can make working or accomplishing anything while under the influence of indica THC nearly impossible.

Sativa, on the other hand, is often praised for being a stimulating and creative high. Some medical marijuana users have professed being able to take sativa and still get work done, or finding that it's even beneficial for getting housework done more easily.

If you need help from medical cannabis and are afraid of getting high, don't stress out over it. It's entirely possible to benefit from marijuana without getting high at all, or you can choose to only take the THC strains that could make you feel high when you're planning on resting anyway. Talk to a budtender at your local medical marijuana shop to find out more about products and strains that are right for your condition.