6 Ways To Alleviate Neck Pain Without Resorting To Medications

If you're suffering from chronic neck pain, you should know that you don't necessarily have to take medications to find relief.

Those who are looking for a drug-free way to alleviate neck pain should explore the options when it comes to alternative pain therapies. Alternative pain treatments can be just as effective or more effective than medications. 

The following are six ways to alleviate neck pain that you can try.

Undergoing physical therapy

A physical therapist can treat chronic neck pain by building muscle strength and pinpointing weaknesses that may be causing pain.

Physical therapy can also help with neck pain by teaching patients to avoid movements and activities that cause injury or strain. 

Changing your diet

When patients experience neck pain, it can usually be attributed to either muscle strain or stiffness. In some cases, this can be caused by inadequate magnesium intake.

Magnesium is important in facilitating the contracting and relaxing of muscles. If you're experiencing neck pain, you might want to try some magnesium supplements to see if changing your nutrient intake helps reduce the pain. 

Undergoing massage therapy

Massage therapy can relieve the neck of pain and stiffness by allowing for myofascial release and by reducing stress.

Massage therapy can relieve neck pain caused by a wide variety of different factors including inflammation, muscle tension, fluid retention, and circulation issues. 

Drinking more water

Some causes of neck pain can result from or be aggravated by dehydration.

Water is needed in the spine to ensure proper disc height and alignment. Inadequate hydration can lead to slight spine alignment issues that could result in chronic neck pain. Drinking enough water can also prevent cervical disc degeneration. 

Increase your daily water consumption to see if dehydration may have something to do with your neck discomfort. 

Maintaining good posture on the phone

If you spend a lot of time on the phone at work, it's a good idea to avoid cradling the phone in your neck to keep your hands free. Instead, opt for a headset or use a speakerphone.

Constantly bending your neck to keep the phone held up against your shoulder can put strain on your neck and give you bad posture. 


Getting exercise by swimming can help sooth the neck and provide a method of exercise that doesn't cause neck strain. Swimming is especially effective at dealing with neck pain that is caused by stiffness or inflammation.