3 Important Measures When Dealing With Lice

Lice is one of the worst parasitic insects you can come across today, as it is tiny and actually feeds on your blood. Since these insects are so destructive and burdensome, you need to act fast before they have time to spread. 

Understand Lice Symptoms 

Before going forward with your lice treatment, you first need to know if you have them in the first place. There are several common signs to look out for when it comes to these parasites. Perhaps the most common is an itchy scalp. If your head itches a lot for no good reason, lice may be biting and causing an allergic reaction.

You'll also be able to notice sores, which typically occur if you itch your scalp excessively. Some of the lesser-known symptoms of lice include irritability, trouble sleeping, and the appearance of lice eggs. These eggs will look similar to rice: small and white. 

Remove them with a Comb

If you indeed have lice, you need to remove them as quickly as possible. There are many ways you can do this, but you should start with combing them out. You can't just use any regular comb, though. There are actually lice-removal combs you can buy, which feature specialized metal teeth that are close together. This design allows you to effectively move through sections of hair.

Before combing, it's helpful to dip the comb into a solution of baking soda and hair conditioner. They help kill any remaining lice and make the comb much easier to move throughout your hair. Make sure you give each hair section multiple swipes. 

De-Lice Your Home 

After you've gotten rid of the lice in your hair, you still need to remove them from your home. Otherwise, they will just show up on your scalp unannounced. This is going to require more than general housecleaning, as these pests can actually hop around.

Start by isolating items that have come close to your body. Seal them in a bag for at least two weeks, until you've made sure the lice population is gone. Change out pillowcases, sheets, blankets as well. Wash all of your brushes with hot water, and vacuum any rugs and furniture pieces that have been used in the past few days.

Lice populations are never fun to deal with, as they can bite and spread rather quickly. They don't have to be too problematic, though, if you take the right lice identification and removal steps early on. To learn more, contact a company like Hair Butterfly's Lice and Nit Removal Salon