Top 5 Reasons To Make An Appointment With An Audiologist

An audiologist is a health care professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating hearing problems. There are several reasons why a person would see an audiologist. Some of the top reasons to make an appointment with an audiologist include:

Regular Checkups 

Just like you would see your primary care physician each year for a physical, you should also see an audiologist regularly to have your ears checked. Regular checkups with an audiologist can ensure that hearing loss or other hearing problems are identified in a timely manner so treatment can be started before the issue gets worse.

Evaluate a Child's Hearing

Hearing issues are not uncommon in children, and many children may not even realize that they have a problem. When a child has hearing problems, he or she may have difficulty speaking, paying attention, and learning through audible instruction. If you are concerned that your child may have hearing difficulties, making an appointment with an audiologist is the best thing you can do. An audiologist will be able to do a comprehensive exam and conduct a variety of tests to determine whether or not your child may have hearing loss or an ear defect that inhibits being able to hear properly.

Issues with Excessive Ear Wax

Regular amounts of ear wax are completely healthy and help moisturize the ear canal and protect the inner ear. However, some people suffer from excessive ear wax, which can build up and cause problems with hearing. While there are products available at drug stores that say they can remove ear wax, these things often do more harm than good and may embed the wax even deeper inside the ear. If you are a person who suffers from excessive ear wax buildup, see an audiologist to have it safely removed.

Sudden Hearing Loss

A number of things can cause sudden hearing loss, such as trauma to the ear, flying at high altitudes in a plane, or even sneezing. Any time you experience sudden hearing loss, it is extremely important to see an audiologist. An experienced audiologist will be able to determine the cause of the hearing loss and then design a treatment plan that will hopefully restore your hearing.

Experiencing Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition where a person may hear buzzing, whining, or whistling sounds in their ear, even when in a silent room. In many cases, tinnitus is a side effect of other problems in the ear that require treatment, like hearing loss. It is not uncommon for an audiologist to recommend wearing a hearing aid to help eliminate tinnitus. 

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