Tips For Preparing For An Online Hearing Test

Although it's always a good idea to visit a hearing clinic to have your hearing tested, you may also wish to try an online test. Doing so can be an effective barometer as to whether you'll want to schedule a follow-up test at the hearing center. This may be the case if your online hearing test indicates that you don't hear quite as well as you might wish to. In order to maximize the efficiency of your online test, it's important to prepare for it properly. Here are some tips that you should employ.

Find The Right Time And Location

An online hearing test requires you to listen to different sounds during the test and respond by clicking the appropriate boxes that appear on your screen. In order to complete the test accurately, you need to be able to hear — and this means that you can't have distracting noises around you. You should always find the right time and location to perform your online hearing test. Generally, you'll want to take the test in a quiet room in your house in which you can't hear noises inside the residence or outside it. If you have children, performing the test when they're not in the house can be a good idea.

Use Headphones

Many online hearing tests will ask you whether you wish to listen through your computer speakers or a set of headphones. While you can get an accurate reading with either approach, you'll often find that using the headphones can be more beneficial. Unless you have upgraded your computer speakers, they can often have a weak and tinny sound quality that may affect how you hear the sounds during the test. Headphones, especially if they're higher quality, offer a warmer sound quality that can be easier to hear. Additionally, they'll help to block out any outside noises.

Think About Your Hearing Challenges

Lots of people have an understandable desire to be right when they take a test, but this approach can leave you being a little less than honest. An online hearing test not only has sections that test your ability to hear, but also a questionnaire component that asks you about your hearing health. Think in advance of how well you hear. For example, if there's a question about how well you hear in a crowded restaurant, you might automatically wish to respond that you hear just fine, because it's easy to tell yourself that. However, if you've given some thought in advance to this environment, you might remember that hearing in restaurants can be difficult.

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