Some Myths About Arthritis

Joint problems can be debilitating issues for individuals experience. Arthritis can be one of the more commonly encountered issues that patients can experience with their joints. While many people will develop arthritis at some point during their lives, there are many misconceptions that may lead individuals to make mistakes or to experience significant difficulty in addressing this problem.

Myth: Arthritis Only Causes Mild Pain

It is commonly assumed that arthritis is a condition that will only cause individuals to experience mild discomfort. However, arthritis can be extremely damaging to the joints that are experiencing this problem. This is due to the significant inflammation that can occur along with the bones in the joint rubbing against each other. Due to the fact that arthritis can cause serious structural damage to the joint, you should undergo an evaluation if you suspect that you are starting to show symptoms of this condition.

Myth: Arthritis Only Impacts Elderly Individuals

There is a common assumption that arthritis is a condition that only impacts elderly individuals. Yet, it is actually a condition that can afflict individuals of almost any age group. For example, individuals that are younger may develop this condition if they suffer a severe injury to one of their joints. Furthermore, there are some individuals that simply have a higher genetic predisposition towards developing this condition.

Myth: It Is Impossible To Treat Arthritis

While an individual may notice that they are starting to develop arthritis symptoms, they may fail to seek treatment due to assuming that there is little that can be done to slow or stop this conditions progression. However, there is a wide range of treatments that can be utilized. Individuals that are only experiencing mild arthritis symptoms may be able to combat the worst of these symptoms through the use of anti-inflammatory medications along with simple exercises. Unfortunately, those that are suffering from advanced arthritis may find that undergoing surgery is their best option for combating the symptoms of this condition. Considering that your treatment options will likely be more open if you seek care during the early stages of this condition, it is imperative to seek out professional help as soon as you notice that your joints are exhibiting the early symptoms. This will include an overall stiffness of the joint, a deep pain when moving the joint and chronic swelling. Furthermore, these symptoms may worsen when it is raining, extremely humid or especially cold outside.

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