3 Things Not to Do With Your Suboxone Prescription

If you're trying to beat an addiction to an opiate such as heroin, your doctor will commonly prescribe you with a drug such as Suboxone. This drug works with your body's opiate receptors to help you avoid the difficult withdrawal symptoms that occur when trying to quit a drug such as heroin, and can allow you to kick your drug habit and put its life-threatening consequences behind you. Getting a prescription for Suboxone brings you a step closer toward getting clean, but you'll still need to take a conscientious attitude when it comes to taking this drug. [Read More]

Eating Healthy to Prevent Osteoporotic Fractures

Your diet is one of the key elements in preventing osteoporotic fractures. Osteoporotic fractures occur more easily when you do not have a diet that supports bone health. It is important that you know exactly which foods you should eat and how much of them you should consume. Here are some tips that will help. Beans Beans are filled with calcium and magnesium, which are great for bone health. You are encouraged to eat them regularly as part of your diet to prevent osteoporotic fracture. [Read More]

The Cause And Treatment Of A Chalazion

Some eye diseases progress slowly and have few symptoms in the early stages. Other conditions make themselves known and can be quite bothersome. For example, a chalazion can have an unsightly appearance and affect your vision. Here's a look at what causes this condition and how it's treated. What Causes A Chalazion A chalazion develops due to a clog in an oil gland on your eyelid. You can have a chalazion on an upper or lower lid. [Read More]

Six Things You Can Do While Traveling To Minimize Arthritis Pain

Suffering from arthritis can make it more difficult to enjoy your vacation travel. If you're planning a vacation and you'll be doing some traveling, you should plan things out to minimize arthritis pain. You can avoid aggravating arthritis pain while traveling by doing the following six things before and during your trip: Pack devices that keep you comfortable Pillows and cushions that are custom designed for those who suffer from arthritis can really come in handy when you're driving or sitting on a plane. [Read More]