Introducing Stretching Programs In The Workplace

There are many reasons for employers to take necessary steps to ensure workplace safety. Direct and indirect workplace injury costs amount to more than $1bn a week in America, forcing employers to take proactive safety measures. Workplace injuries also negatively impact the economic livelihoods of employees because they cannot work to earn when they are dealing with serious injuries. On-site injury prevention services have comprehensive stretching programs to improve employee safety, health, and performance in the workplace. [Read More]

Benefits of Chiropractic Services During Pregnancy

There are several times in life when you may consider chiropractic services. You may feel the need to have the services after a car accident, following or preparing for physical activity, or during certain medical issues. One time you may not consider the benefits of chiropractic services is during pregnancy. If you are pregnant and having a difficult pregnancy, you may want to talk to your doctor about the following benefits and services. [Read More]

Complementary Asthma Treatments To Consider

If you suffer from asthma, prescription medications like corticosteroids can go a long way in keeping the symptoms under control. But if you're taking your medications and still feeling a little wheezy at times, then you may want to consider including one or more of these complementary treatments in your routine, too. Herbal Remedies Before adding any herbs to your diet, check with your doctor to ensure they won't interfere with the medications you're already taking. [Read More]

3 Approaches To Managing RA Pain Without Narcotics

Due to changes in opioid prescribing guidelines, many people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who relied on opioids for chronic pain were left undertreated or with no pain management at all. If you have RA, there may be other non-opioid ways to reduce pain. Address The Root Cause The root cause of pain from RA is inflammation, which is not only painful in itself but can lead to joint damage and hypermobility. [Read More]